H2O Poke & Fish Grill


H2O Poke & Grill presents the utmost modernization of the booming Poke Bowl concept. The palate of the companyโ€™s target market continuously grows toward Asian cuisine in the last few years alone. The Octopus Restaurant Group proudly presents a Quick-Service model of H2O Sushi & Izakaya. The foundational base of H2O Sushi serves as a constant reminder of H2O brand philosophy of fresh ingredients and taste that appease both sushi enthusiasts and curiously inexperienced alike.

The Poke cuisine originated in Hawaii and escalated into L.A.โ€™s ever growing popular dish we know today. H2O Poke goes far beyond the generalization of Poke and their traditional style with sides and toppings not offered elsewhere. The customizable poke restaurant offers a base of White Rice, Green Tea Rice, Soba Noodle, or Spring Mix. The customers can then choose up to three options of seafood proteins: Salmon, Tuna, Seared Albacore, Spicy Albacore, Spicy Tuna, Scallop, and Shrimp. H2O has more than 18 options of toppings and sides that can be mixed with sauces or encompass the focal seafood mix.



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